How to continue using Rublon for WordPress after 20 May 2019

1. Introduction

Understanding the challenges of today’s IT landscape, we have released a new version of the Rublon platform, which now enables our customers to secure access to all their networks, machines and applications, whether cloud or on-premise, using Rublon as their only two-factor authentication provider. This is an important step in our plans for future growth, as the majority of the world’s companies still struggle with providing secure and user-friendly access to their digital assets for employees and users.

We have released a new mobile app, which is now called Rublon Authenticator and is only compatible with our new developer-friendly API (available on the App Store and Google Play). The Admin Dashboard has been replaced with the completely revamped Admin Console. Application plugins like the one for WordPress and Atlassian products have been standardized.

The changes are profound, which means that we’re not able to do a simple 1-click update. We need your help to move from the old to the new.

2. To continue using Rublon, please complete the following steps before 20 May 2019:

  1. Register an account with the new Rublon Admin Console:
  2. Add your WordPress website to your applications in the Admin Console
  3. Deactivate and then delete the old Rublon plugin from your WordPress website using the Plugins page
  4. Download and install the new Rublon for WordPress plugin (requires PHP 5.5.4 or newer):
  5. Connect your WordPress website to the Rublon API

Please note that the new Rublon for WordPress requires PHP version 5.5.4 or newer. If you use an older version, then Rublon may not work properly for you. Please consult your hosting provider to make sure that you run a compatible version of PHP.

3. What happens if I don’t complete the above steps until 20 May 2019?

The Rublon API version that you are using on your WordPress website(s) will be turned off on 20 May 2019. If you do not follow the steps described above, your users will not be able to sign in to your WordPress Dashboard after that date.

4. What happens with my paid subscription?

If you have a paid subscription, then we will activate it for you on the new Rublon Admin Console, but you will be only able to renew it based on our new pricing, which is $1 per user per month excl. VAT (minimum $30/month).

5. How do I add my WordPress website to my applications in the Admin Console?

First, sign in to the Rublon Admin Console. You will be presented with the screen shown below. Add a new application by clicking on the green “Add” button:

Fill out the form and click “Save”:

6. How do I connect my WordPress website to the Rublon API?

Once you have added your WordPress website to your applications in the Rublon Admin Console, a system token and secret key will be generated for this application:

Please copy and paste these values to the appropriate fields in the plugin’s settings in your WordPress Dashboard:

Then, click "Save changes". The Rublon for WordPress plugin will now be configured properly. This will be indicated by the green status:

If anything is unclear or if you have other questions, please contact us at